Pastor's Bio


Biographical Sketch
Elder Percy E. Wynn, Jr.

Elder Percy E. Wynn, Jr. is a quiet man with wisdom, integrity and character. He was born August 21, 1946, in Capron, Virginia, to Percy, Sr. and Bettie Wynn. He is the eldest of eight siblings. Because of his calling to minister, his many experiences in life have enriched his ministerial environment tremendously. Such benevolence, social reforms and the rendering of community services, thus, initiated the birth of our fellowship. Being obedient, God has strengthened his resolve as a spiritual administrator liken unto an evangelist by canvassing, witnessing, and making ready a people prepared for the Lord. The effects of his vision opened the doors to the ministry named The Greater Blood Church of God in Christ, Inc., in 1978.

Because he is a man of zeal and purpose, the cry of hopelessness motivates evangelistic ministry. His continuous reply, "the goals of ministry ceases not nor will dominance handicap diversity to minister, just breathe, run down mark the spot and dig for the treasures." Here, the strategy of ministry defines the singular but rather negates the plural - the target is evangelism, the tradition of past alienation is God's instrumental platform to eliminate, he replies, "nothing can remain the same." He preaches continually that the call of ministry ordain of life becomes death in us, a sacrificial offering expressing, "let us redefine logic, reasoning, and objectivity." Herein, the gospel of God, proclaimed by him, became universal message reshaping man's preparedness to transcend beyond human elements.

Through early educational development at S. H. Clarke and I. C. Norcum High School public schools of Portsmouth, Virginia, many wonderful talents; skill, knowledge and leadership signal a pattern of God's grace in such a small earthen vessel. He attended Washington Tech Institute and majored in Computer Science. He attended Washington Bible College and majored in Pastoral Ministries. He holds a Computer Technician Certificate.

On July 27, 1966, Pastor Wynn was inducted into the United States Army. His tour of duty was in Germany. He fought in the Vietnam conflict from 1968 to l969. He was honorably discharged in May, l969.

A beautiful young lady named Regina Ann Hines of Portsmouth, Virginia, captured his heart and on December 16, 1967, they were married. The late Bishop Warren G. Crudup, Sr., of St. Paul Church of God in Christ blessed their union. Their marriage has endured. Three wonderful children were added to this union.

After his discharge from the Army, civilian Wynn's income was supplemented through the G.I. Bill, tax preparation, and other employment ventures. Early in April 1970, he was employed for the federal government. He gained valuable experience in the federal government. He held many responsible positions. He was president, AFSCME Council 26, Local 3097, Washington, D.C. He was also a United States Deputy Marshall for the Department of Justice. He was also a chauffeur before retiring from the government in 1994.

Bishop Harvey Lewis, Sr., currently the Jurisdictional Prelate of Rhode Island, Church of God in Christ, was then Superintendent of District Three appointed Elder Wynn to the position of State Evangelist (l975). Years later, Pastor Wynn was appointed chaplain of the Missions Department (l989) by the late Superintendent Lorenzo Dupree. Since 1995, Pastor Wynn has been Chairman of the Board of Ordination and also served as Second Assistant District Superintendent under the late District Superintendents Lorenzo Dupree and Richard A. Bouknight.