The Greater BloodChurch of God in Christ, Inc.

The greatest commission transmitted unto humanity is ministry. The preparedness of such ministry is a dream within a dream. The hope of this dream. became a universal message. The expression of the dream to minister manifested a vocation unlike any other profession. Having confessed the wisdom of the dream, the realization requires an appointment to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in line with God's eternal purpose. God equips individuals to become administrators.

The call of the ministry for Elder Percy Wynn came in year 1978, along with the birth of his daughter Sheryl five months later. Many restless days occurred. He refused in spirit to recognize God's ordination to minister as the general overseer of the flock. The struggle continued. The logic and reasoning biologically conflicted. Thinking to resist God's election, the desire to remove oneself from a stable environment initiated drama. As a consequence, God directed Elder Wynn to read Exodus 12:13, "and the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where you are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, ..." From such text, The Greater Blood Church of God in Christ, Inc. was born.

Not many days later, the pastor of the Refuge Church of God in Christ called, "You must be about your Father's business." Based on that statement, Elder Wynn sought a place of worship. The families who accompanied him suggested having services in each other's homes until a permanent location could be acquired. Within a year, 1120 Constitution Avenue., N.E., Washington, D.C. became our spiritual home. The joy of praising God delivered many souls while there. Bishop Samuel Kelsey dedicated this building plus installed Elder Percy E. Wynn, Jr., as Pastor of The Greater Blood Church in Christ, Inc., in year 1980.

Three years later, 1014 Iago Avenue, Capitol Heights, MD became our next place of worship. While thanking God for this wonderful blessing, the spirit of Pastor Wynn was stirred to visit the neighborhood. Being obedient, Pastor Wynn observed many children running up and down Iago Avenue greeting strangers, as an usher would welcome visitors in church. These circumstance occurred on regular basic. On one occasion, several of them, Alray Fulwood acting as leader, took a break to investigate as if to say, " Mister, need any help?" Forgive me, I am, Elder Percy Wynn Jr., the Pastor who purchased this property. The pastor's response was, not now. Thinking the matter had ended, he continued unloading the building material from the vehicle. Not aware of their movement, Alray Fulwood and company came to assist our leader. Such demonstration clearly expressed, "welcome to our neighborhood pastor." From this compassion, a ministerial environment, House Talk open communications described in Deuteronomy 6:5-9.

Today, certification and appreciation through the years established a great bond toward individuals who assisted our fellowship, in that; The Greater Blood Church Of God in Christ, Inc. was completed. Space, however, would not allow proper thanks personally, please be advised, Pastor Wynn pledges this acknowledgment as receipt of payment for your faithful partnership.