First Lady Bio

First Lady Wynn

Welcome to The Greater Blood Church of God In Christ, Inc.

Perhaps one of the greatest works ever initiated by God was the birth of fellowship and partnership. This strategy births a pattern to define an environment for interaction, a faith-based ministry desirous to discover the hidden treasures of life and fellowship. Such an approach became a powerful machine. Really, the basic idea is ordinary, no matter the creed, natural origin, color or race, God established a gateway of praise and worship even where resistance would handicap or cause alienation.

In retrospect, this dream demonstrated a glimpse of a potential board meeting merging to resolve interdepartmental labor disputes, a common warfare of the highest order. As a result, our continuous participation in the gospel will stimulate the furtherance of love one toward another, a process that turns an engagement into a limitless vision.

In years past, God allowed me to associate with great men and women, many of which are with the Lord now. But neighbor, you and I along with the Greater Blood Church of God In Christ, Inc. can endure any obstacle no matter the circumstances. We can weather the storms. Even at certain intervals, you may experience drama even as I. Nevertheless, God gave us strength to share tears together, and the resolve to petition God together, an element critical for success. Here the joy begins. God provided the covenant. We massacred the relationships. Such interface solidifies the combination of effects that weaken all foreign or domestic powers levied against us.

Therefore, I admonish you to take your unusual ability that is waiting to tinkle, let us act accordingly making sounds together, "We shall gain the higher ground. We shall not relent. Furthermore,diversity is my kinsmen. Freedom is my liberation." See the true is spreading. God never forgets your labor of love. Neither will I.